10 Travel Destinations After the Pandemic

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Discover our top of the best destinations for 2021 that will give you original ideas to spend your holidays abroad. Paradise beaches, adventures and culture, unusual or gourmet stays with the family, a complete change of scenery, unforgettable experiences and visits to little-known places. We can fulfill your wish list.

1. Thailand: its hidden treasures away from the crowds

How about a tasting of all the Thai wonders concentrated in a single province that is still preserved? Head to Trang, located 100 kilometers south of busy Krabi.

Along the Andaman Sea, this region, whose authenticity still withstands the pains of mass tourism, is home to a wealth of cultural and natural treasures. Starting point for many excursions, its homonymous capital deserves a walk through its narrow streets whose colorful architecture and colonial style remind us of the Chinese and Western influences that have crossed the country.

Enjoy the tasty pleasure of jumping from island to island, each one more paradisiacal than the last, taking a long-tail boat or a speedboat to reach the shallow and crystalline waters inhabited by magnificent fish and a coral. tickle him ... with your gaze! Try the adventure by swimming (with guide and life jacket!) To the impressive Emerald Cave, hidden by Koh Muk, and whose name keeps all his promises. Like the entire province, accessible in just 80 minutes by plane from Bangkok.

2. Rwanda. See you in the land of a thousand hills and a thousand and one emotions

To fly to this region, now appeased after the terrible conflict that devastated it 25 years ago, is to discover a natural jewel oriented towards the future and concerned with preserving its environment. Take time to visit dynamic Kigali, the continent's most innovative capital, and stroll through its many arts centers and designer cafes.

Then leave the city and opt for eco-responsible tourism, heading this state that is also one of the safest countries in the world. Accompanied by expert guides, you will tour the Volcanoes National Park, walk next to the XXL mirror lakes and you will follow in the footsteps of the impressive inhabitants of the mountains of Rwanda: the silver back gorillas. It is undoubtedly during a hike through the canopy of the verdant Nyungwe Forest, rich in hundreds of species of animals and plants, that the word "harmony" takes on its full meaning. A country where ecology is a keyword, Rwanda banned the use of plastic bags in 2008.

3. Turgues and Caiques. Dive into the turquoise sea of little-known islands

Do you dream of lazing on the other side of the earth with virgin beaches, fine sand, a translucent sea and a soft and enveloping heat? Well here it is!

Also called the Turquoise Islands, a poetic reminder of the sublime color of the waters that bathe them. The Turks and Caicos archipelagos mark all the requirements. This British territory nestled in the Caribbean is much less touristy than its neighboring Bahamas while concentrating so many assets.

Enjoy the "island hopping" which consists of going from island to island by boat to find your little piece of paradise at all times. Diving and snorkeling enthusiasts will observe the turtles, rays and rare species that inhabit the third largest coral reef in the world. Then taste the succulent conches from the menu of the local gastronomy. And above all, don't think about anything. Indulge in the coveted trio of "quiet and voluptuous luxury" that this earthly Eden is endlessly decaying.

4. Dubai. Go to the city of the Emirates, where you will never be bored

Address Dubai. The capital of the homonymous emirate decided, already last July, to reopen its doors to tourists while many international doors remained closed.

Those of lovers of luxury and shopping, lovers of architecture and contemporary art, by the way lovers of golden beaches, diving or even those of families in search of unusual adventures to occupy the children.

The economic capital of the United Arab Emirates is also the capital of entertainment, where excess sometimes gives a delicious dizziness. To escape the raging futuristic megalopolis, opt for a camel ride through the desert, just 20 minutes from the city.

IMPORTANT: Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates where moral crimes, established according to local criteria, carry penalties of up to 15 years in prison.

5. USA Colorama made in the Wild West and natural splendors in Utah

Here you don't need to use Instagram filters to enhance your photos! In Utah, the natural colors are so exceptional that they seem almost saturated. It's no wonder professionals flocked to it in the 1940s to check the quality of their photographic films. Now it's your turn to immerse yourself in ecstasy in front of these extraordinary landscapes, sculpted by the elements and the time that have been used. Backdrop of many westerns.

Rich, among others, of 5 National Parks, the famous "Mighty 5" including Bryce Canyon or Zion, 7 National Monuments, such as the mythical Rainbow Bridge which is the largest natural bridge in the world, majestic lakes such as Powell where it was filmed the movie Planet of the Apes and 14 famous winter sports centers, this western American state is one of the most beautiful destinations to see at least once in a lifetime.

6. Japan: Olympic spirit and secret of longevity in the Japanese tropics

This lush, tropical archipelago, located in the East China Sea, reveals an unexpected side of Japan. On the main island, you will dive both in the crystal clear waters of its splendid talc-sand beaches and in the fascinating history of this country where a great diversity of cultures coexists. As reminded by the architectural remains of the Ryukyu kingdom or the haunting sacred site of Seifa-utaki, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Embark on your tribe in Yanbaru National Park to appreciate the unique jungle ecosystem before offering a visit to Churaumi, the second largest aquarium in the world. A way to become familiar with certain species, such as sea turtles or Napoleon fish, before crossing them during a dive at Cape Maeda or at John-Man Beach, in the south of the Island.

Did you know Okinawa is home to a "blue zone", a region of the world where the longevity of residents is significantly above average. 86 years for women and 78 years for men. A stay on this island may allow you to unravel its secret.

7. Mexico: Oaxaca

Crowned in 2020 as "Best city in the world" by Travel + Leisure magazine, the capital of this Mexican state deserves to be on your "wish list"!

Rich in an architectural heritage, witness to the pre-Columbian civilization and the Hispanic colonization, Oaxaca is discovered with the nose in the wind.

In its historic center, classified by UNESCO, you will walk its cobbled streets with famous multi-colored facades while enjoying the local folklore: craft shops, galleries of contemporary artists, musical parades that parade on all occasions, street food stalls, that of the top.

Get out of the city for a bit to visit the Zapotec archaeological site of Monte Alban, which is part of the World Heritage. Then be amazed in front of the petrified waterfalls of Hierve el Agua, a spectacular and rare geological phenomenon that leaves no one indifferent. On the way back, enjoy the fruit, vegetable and spice markets that remind you that you are in the heart of the most gastronomic region of the country and the queen of "mole", the famous sauce made from cocoa and chili.

8. Finland: Northern Lights and Magic Hunter in Lapland

Announce to your children that they are going to fly to Santa Claus land and you are sure that they will be as wise as photos until the day of departure. And if you invite your friends to accompany you to observe the most spectacular natural phenomena on the planet, you guarantee your eternal gratitude. Magical, Lapland makes the dreams of young and old come true and this northernmost region of Finland is appreciated in all seasons.

In winter, experience the magic of the end of the year celebrations by visiting the village dedicated to the great red man in Rovaniemi, enjoy a sports stay by practicing ice diving, ice climbing or even a snowmobile trip in vast unspoiled areas. To recharge, make a reservation at the Ice hotel in Sirkka / Levi, an ephemeral establishment as it was built in ice and covered in snow.

In spring and summer, we take advantage of the higher temperatures to live the unique experience of the midnight sun that this area of the Arctic Circle offers. Not forgetting the spectacle of the Northern Lights that can also be admired in these mild seasons. From a translucent igloo for lovers of unusual accommodations.

9. Italy: Dolce vita and volcanism in the Aeolian Islands

In front of Palermo, in Sicily, is an archipelago of volcanic islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea, members of the UNESCO club. Each one with a different face and an interest that deserves a getaway. Very accessible by ferry, the Aeolian Islands are the ideal destination for all those who dream of the authenticity, calm and sweetness of Italian life.

At Vulcano, we sunbathe on one of the beaches whose black sand contrasts with the transparency of the water before taking a wellness break in an astonishing. Sulfur mud bath with many health benefits.

A boat jump allows you to moor in Lipari, the largest of the islands, where you will stay longer. The cultural and archaeological tours are yours, la dolce vita on a Vespa to go out in search of the ideal and secluded cove, stroll through the old town with its picturesque alleys and tasty trattoria. In the port of Marina Corta, you will sit down to taste antipasti made with seafood just landed by the fishermen.

Before embarking on the adventure, stop at Salina, where you will discover local wines and where the film El postero, which traces the exile of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, was filmed.

Finally, in Stromboli, you will embark, with a guide, on the ascent of its famous volcano still in activity. You will closely observe its lava showers and its projections of magma and gases that can reach up to 200 meters in height.

10. Scotland: Land of the Loch Ness Monster and Harry Potter by Train

Feeling like exploring mysterious Scotland while taking your time, but afraid of driving on the left? The ideal solution: the train. With an excellent rail network, this land of legends travels on the rails every day.

Those on a substantial budget will opt for the famous Belmond Royal Scotsman. A veritable undulating palace, it takes you for several days through the sumptuous landscapes of the Highlands and the path of the castles. While offering you stops on the Isle of Bute, Arisaig and Morar to venture into the wild white. sandy beaches sheltered by majestic mountains or in a whiskey distillery.

Many other more affordable options allow you to increase the number of trips to must-see places. From July to November, runs Jacobite, a steam train that takes the West Highland Line, voted "the most beautiful railway line in the world." After an 84 mile (approximately 135 km) drive from Fort William, where buses leave for Loch Ness, you will arrive in Mallaig, which connects to the beautiful Isle of Skye. Highlight of this trip? The passage of the famous Glenfinnan Viaduct, the same one that takes the Hogwarts Express and that takes Harry Potter to his wizarding school.

As for urban tourism enthusiasts, they will take a ticket for one of the frequent fast trains (about forty minutes) that connect Edinburgh, the political and historical capital, with Glasgow, the economic and cultural capital of this country that has seen the birth of William Wallace, also known as Braveheart.

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