10 vegetables to grow at home: from the supermarket to your plantpot

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Some store-bought vegetables can grow at home with a little skill. Let's see how to always have fresh vegetables on hand in a fun way.

1- The leek grows quickly if you keep the part of the root surpassed by one or two centimeters of trunk. Place the leeks with the roots bathing in a vase of water in full light and wait for a new barrel to develop.

2- The lettuce is easy to regenerate from its heart. Once the peripheral leaves have been consumed, carefully store the heart and place it in a container of water so that its bottom is barely submerged. You will soon see new leaves appear in the center of your salad.

3- Celery also grows very well from its rootless heart. Place the base of the bulb in a jar or bowl containing water. Install everything in full light and change the water twice a week. Your celery will emit new shoots very quickly.

4- The early green onion has an incredible capacity for regeneration in water. Cut off the top of the plant to eat raw in salads or as a condiment in various dishes, then hold its base so that it grows back into a simple glass of water.

5- Garlic resumes very well in a small pot placed in a window. To do this, separate the garlic cloves and plant them, tip-up, in a mixture of potting soil and river sand, separating them 10 cm apart. Patience! You will get your garlic cloves after a few months of cultivation.

6- Basil can be cut in water in summer. To do this, take a beautiful stem, remove the basal leaves, and place it in the water on a window sill. The roots will appear quickly and you can plant your basil in a pot filled with potting soil.

7- Lemongrass is a plant with resistant stems. If the stem is taken from the base of the lock, you can grow it back in the water and use it whenever you feel the need for a small Asian dish.

8- If you buy a ginger root, plant the rest in a large pot that you will place hot on the balcony in summer. The rhizome will develop and emit green stems that you can enjoy while waiting to consume the rhizome a few months later.

9- Pineapple. Keep the leaves and top of your organic pineapple after consuming it, then let it dry until a callus forms to prevent rotting. Then place the base of the leaves in a glass of water in full light. When the roots appear, repot in a pot containing potting soil and water very often.

10- Fennel. Keep the heart of your fennel bulb and install it in some water in full sun behind a window. Small, very green shoots will develop on top of the bulb.

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