15 types of coworkers that annoy

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Anyone who has ever worked in a team knows perfectly well that their teammates are not chosen. In the office, for example, there is always one who talks on the phone more than the others, one who stays at work late into the night. We will review the different types that insurance is in your office.

1. The most proactive and conscientious colleague on the team. He collects money, organizes a picnic, a birthday, he is ready to take care of everything.

2. The Casanova colleague who has already flirted with everyone within a radius of one kilometer and who, despite the negatives, does not doubt the powers of his charm.

3. The gourmet colleague who brings dishes to work whose smell pervades the entire neighborhood. He loves curries and reheats his fish in the common microwave oven.

4. The eternal traveler who is never in his workplace. There are hundreds of good and less good reasons for the absence of it. As a result, even the bosses forget his name.

5. Those who are hot and those who fear drafts are often found side by side, fighting fiercely for the air conditioning remote control and for opening the window.

6. Mr. Success is always full of enthusiasm and ready to conquer new heights. Nobody knows his secret.

7. The colleague who speaks badly participates actively in the social life of the team. The information he generates may not be true, but it is still incredibly interesting.

8. The lazy colleague who usually has the most vivid imagination: Finding so many excuses not to work is an incredible talent.

9. The fellow thief who is convinced that the common refrigerator belongs to him.

10. When the person on the phone is silent, the office suddenly becomes too quiet. But fortunately the silence never lasts long.

11. The fellow climber who invariably seeks to get closer to his superiors. However, his efforts don't always pay off.

12. The jealous is firmly anchored in the honor roll. He arrives earlier than the others in the morning and, apparently, sometimes falls asleep at work.

13. The dean remembers how the business was when it did not exist and she gladly shares the memories of her.

14. For every jealous colleague, there is a blinker who is presumably there to maintain universal balance.

15. The fellow dictator is very manic. It is difficult to create a comfortable environment for him, and maintaining it is an impossible mission.

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