3 myths about physical exercise to lose weight

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A priori, playing sports can burn calories, so you can lose weight. But some preconceptions make us lose energy for nothing.

When it comes to getting fit and losing a few pounds, adopting a healthy lifestyle is essential, changing your diet and implementing an exercise routine. However, some myths about physical activity for the purpose of losing weight die with difficulty. These are the ones you should recognize and avoid, at the risk of getting exhausted by nothing.

Myth 1: abs are the key to a flat stomach

Contrary to what you might think, doing sit-ups is useful for strengthening muscles, but it does not allow you to lose fat. This exercise does not burn many calories. To lose belly, you must change the diet to lose fat, as is the case with a low carb diet, where the less sugar and carbohydrates you eat, the more fat you will burn to use as energy. If you are doing a low carb diet, the most suitable exercise is weight. If you want to strengthen your abs, be careful not to hurt your back.

Myth 2: sweating helps you lose weight

Plastic shirts can go back to the bottom of the closet. Losing liters of sweat will not burn fat, but will only cool your skin and regulate the internal temperature of the body. It is only a biological reaction to heat and humidity, which depends on the physical form of each person, but it will not help you lose weight.

Myth 3: exercising for more than 45 minutes is useless

If you do not do a low carb diet to eliminate fat, and choose aerobic exercise instead; less than 1 hour is useless, there are even studies that indicate that with 3 hours of exercises you would just burn the amount of fat that you would eliminate with a low carb diet. The most effective way to lose weight with exercise is to aim for about 250 minutes of moderate to strenuous exercise during the week. On the other hand, when changing to a low carbohydrate and sugar free diet, you only have to do short sessions of weight exercise to build muscles that will need to burn more and more fat.

To lose weight permanently, you must adopt your diet as a lifestyle, diets do not work, since when you finish them, you return to your old habits and store fats again. Exercise should complement your diet, it is never the opposite.

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