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3D printed houses are built in 24 hours

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Printable houses with cement and other materials represent the latest wave in construction, reduce costs by up to 25%, and are projected to save up to 40% in the future.

In March of last year, New Story, a San Francisco-based nonprofit, and Icon, a construction technology company that designs 3D printers, challenged these stereotypes by producing a small house in just 48 hours. Icon called the structure "the first 3D printed house allowed in the United States."

At 350 square feet, the house was much cheaper than the average small house. Before using 3D printing technology, it took New Story eight months to build 100 houses, each costing approximately $ 6,000.

While the prototype was being developed, the Icon printer, known as the Vulcan, was running at just 25% speed. That gave companies confidence that they could build a 600-800-square-foot house in just 24 hours for $ 4,000 or less.

Most notable is the fact that the company's upgraded printer, the Vulcan II, is now available for purchase, and is being used in projects in Latin America.

The Vulcan II can seamlessly produce a home on-site, without having to assemble individual units. The printer produces layers of cement, which accumulate to form the walls of the house. Non-printed accessories like doors and windows that are installed later.

The Vulcan II is capable of producing walls that are up to 2.5 meters high and up to 8.5 meters wide. The printer is designed to be mobile and weighs around 1,700 kilos. The Vulcan II is tablet operated, meaning only a few workers are required to produce a 3D home.

It is also made to withstand rural weather conditions, which means it could operate during an energy shortage or without access to clean water. The house cement mix can also withstand extreme weather conditions.

Icon and New Story plan to produce more than 100 houses in El Salvador, a country whose rugged terrain and frequent flooding have made housing construction difficult. New Story is seeking $ 1 million to print the houses, CNN reported last year 2018. From there, they hope to provide safe homes to some of the 1.3 billion people worldwide who live in slums.

Many companies in the world are using 3D home printing technology. SQ4D; In Dubai, this year he 3D printed an impressively large house, and in fact claims that the 650-square-meter residence is the "largest 3D-printed house allowed in the world." It is without a doubt one of the largest houses we have ever heard of, and it was created at impressive speed.

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