4 substances that can trigger an anxiety attack

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Certain stimulants that increase the heart rate can influence anxiety levels and cause seizures.

Whether it's chocolate, coffee, sports, or shopping, we all have stress relieving techniques. But when we try to escape our emotions through the use of certain substances, they can sometimes trigger an anxiety attack. The process can take place during the intoxication phase or later, during the descent phase, when the body feels a lack of the product in question.

The drugs

Ibuprofen or codeine prescribed for pain relief seem harmless. But these pain relievers can increase anxiety levels, especially if you are trying to stop taking them or are not following recommended dosages. The same is true for some medications that treat attention deficit and hyperactivity problems and that can increase the production of dopamine in the brain.

The alcohol

Despite what some people claim, a drink or two won't necessarily calm your nerves and relax you. The increased heart rate caused by alcoholic beverages can cause our nervous system to become hyperactive. Serotonin levels in the brain also change, making us more vulnerable to panic attacks.


Some people are addicted to coffee, some are addicted to energy drinks, and some are addicted to very strong stimulants like drugs. These substances can stimulate us, inflame our nervous system, and interfere with our body's regulatory systems, explains the Mind Body Green website. Beyond a certain dose, adrenaline injected into the bloodstream prepares us to react to danger even in the absence of a real threat and increases the risk of anxiety attacks.


We associate cannabis with a relaxing sensation, but it can increase our heart rate, cause palpitations, and stimulate anxiety and paranoia. These effects are even more valid for synthetic cannabis. A small dose can cause very strong panic attacks.

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