5 good reasons to leave plastic straws

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Catastrophic for the environment and harmful to health, straws can be banned from our drinks without regret. You will be able to avoid unnecessary swelling, avoid wrinkles in your mouth, and avoid possible exposure to chemicals.

You may have heard of the ecological damage caused by plastic straws. By 2050, experts estimate that there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. Some celebrities like Kim Kardashian have launched a global movement on social media, using the keyword #StopSucking. But using straws is not only bad for the planet. Our health does not benefit from it either.

Gas and bloating

Using a straw makes us swallow air while we have our drink. Result: aerophagia. This accumulation of air in the gastrointestinal tract will cause belching, gas, and bloating.


According to experts interviewed by Best Health Mag, using a straw is one of the daily habits that cause wrinkles. The muscles undergo repetitive puckering of the lips and therefore break down collagen around the mouth, causing permanent skin folds.

Dental stains and caries

Sugar in soft drinks or acid in wine and coffee affects teeth, even when drunk with a straw. Molars in the back of the mouth, where these components accumulate, are more likely to develop cavities. Same thing for teeth stains: you don't need to drink your espresso with a straw, the coffee will circulate in your mouth and reach your teeth no matter what.

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