5 habits that tire you without knowing it

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Too much sport, too many toxic people, too much clutter, or too many sugary drinks; sometimes the reasons for our constant tiredness are hidden in unexpected behaviors.

Are you running out of energy reserves without realizing why? Here are some ideas that can help you take stock of what is wearing you down and take steps to recover.

The mess

Being surrounded by piles of paper, clothing, or objects in the workplace or at home can overheat the brain. Researchers at Princeton University in the United States asked volunteers to focus on one object while moving another in their field of vision.

They concluded that the clutter the surrounding space is, the harder the brain has to focus and the faster it tires. A poorly ordered kitchen would also affect the way we eat, according to a recent American study.

Bad drinks

Having a juice, soda, or energy drink when you need a little boost is not a good idea. Rich in sugar, this type of drink recharges your batteries for the first time, but then you will feel twice as tired. Sugary drinks can affect the part of the brain that controls emotional behavior and certain cognitive functions, according to a study in Australia cited by the American website Readers Digest.

Instead, consider drinking water, as a lack of hydration can cause these same effects, in addition to fatigue, mood swings, headaches, and trouble concentrating.


Vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B and magnesium, are essential for maintaining good energy levels, as well as for healthy brain and body function. Talk to your doctor to verify the risk of deficiencies and establish cures.

Too much sport

Exercise helps you stay fit, healthy, and in a good mood, but when you exceed the intensity or frequency of training, it can have the opposite effect. Hormone production is disrupted and the body can no longer cope with stress. Result: fatigue, insomnia, depression, irritability.

Toxic people

Yes, some of the people around you may be "energy vampires". The coworker who keeps complaining, the neighbor who tires you, the sister-in-law who talks too much; Remember to stay away from emotionally draining relationships.

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