5 reasons to shower every other day

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Most of us shower once a day or more. But when you think about it, you may find that we actually shower more often than necessary. In fact, frequent showers aren't doing us a favor when it comes to looks or even health.

1. You will be less exposed to infections

You may think that showering every day is healthier than showering less often, but the reality is the opposite. Frequent showers can upset the balance of microorganisms on the skin, leaving it less protected and more vulnerable to infection. Our immune system needs to be stimulated by bacteria and dirt, and bathing too often can weaken the immune system and its ability to protect us from viruses.

2. Your skin will thank you

Long, hot showers can be relaxing and clean, but they can also contribute to premature aging. Our skin is covered with an oily outer layer that locks in moisture to keep it plump and look younger and longer-lasting. Washing and scrubbing can remove this protective layer, leaving skin irritated, wrinkled, and dry.

3. Your hair could start to grow faster

Contradictory as it may sound, washing your hair every day can end up making it even more dull and oily. When you wash your hair every day, you remove the outer layer of sebum that acts as a protective shield. In response, your pores start to produce even more of this substance, which causes itching and irritation on your scalp and eventually clogs your pores. This, in turn, can sabotage hair growth, preventing it from looking beautiful, smooth, and healthy.

4. You will be less prone to allergic reactions.

Showering too often can be a contributing factor to your bothersome allergies. When the acid mantle of the skin is damaged, its ability to combat external stimuli is reduced. Washing all the dirt off the skin causes our immune systems to "go slow", which can lead to allergies.

5. It's better for your reproductive health

Like our skin, the delicate area around your private parts also needs its bacterial balance to stay healthy. The water we wash with can contain heavy metals and other dangerous chemicals, not to mention the many artificial fragrances and additives found in soaps and shower gels. Therefore, it is advisable to wash this area every day, but using suitable products.

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