5 signs it is time to slow down

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Our drive to do more and more daily tasks can wear us down and dissipate us. There are some warning signs that can alert us and help us eliminate mental and physical junk from our lives. Learn to identify them.

We tend to overload our schedules to do as many "things" as possible in one day. This habit gives us a sense of satisfaction and success.

But doing less often is more rewarding in the long run, said Marc Chernoff, author of the Hack Life blog, quoted by the Optimal Living Daily podcast from the United States.

When we work, we keep switching from one task to another, juggling different elements, and yet we always feel like we have not been productive enough. When we travel, in restaurants and in many other situations, we have this same feeling. So here are some signs that it is time to slow down and rediscover pleasure in every little moment.

You are overwhelmed

Do you feel like you can never do everything you want? Overcommitment is a very common mistake that makes life stressful. It is tempting to fill every moment of the day with new tasks, events, obligations, and distractions, but we can not do everything.

You try to be a superhero

Another common problem is that we believe we can deliver on all fronts. Actually, we are human and we have limits. It is time to put aside the idea that we can do anything, please everyone, and be everywhere.

You do not like "space"

Our activities do not refer only to certain tasks, but also to the moment between one task and another. Doing yoga, for example, involves moving around the room, changing clothes, unfolding the mat, etc. Appreciating these "spaces" between two activities allows you to better enjoy your day, while you rush a little less.

You no longer know how to prioritize

Priorities do not happen automatically. If you want to spend more time with your spouse or children creating, learning or playing sports, there are certain tasks that you should put aside. By rejecting certain activities, even the ones that appeal to you the most, you can spend more time on the really important parts of your life.

Your living space is a mess

If you do not have enough time to organize your physical space, you are probably managing your day poorly. Minimalism, which consists of ordering your home, but also your mind, helps limit unnecessary distractions.

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