5 steps to follow before making a decision

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Before you jump into a lifestyle choice you may regret, take advice from the latest research in psychology on this topic.

Moving, retraining, separating. Life is full of more or less important decisions to make. Psychologist Juliana Breines from the University of California, USA, decided to summarize the findings and advice emerging from the latest research on decision-making in an article on Psychology Today.

1. Get informed

Gathering as much information as possible to become a "subject matter expert" is essential before making an important decision. This will allow you to follow her intuition, but more reliably. Among the ways to find out, you can talk to people who have been through the same situation and who have taken this or that direction. In this way, you can better predict future events and the consequences of your choices.

2. Listen

Try to clear your mind to understand what your true wishes are, and not those of your partner, family, colleague or friends. If nobody cared, would your decision be the same? Listening to your fear is also an important decision-making factor. Finding a balance between succumbing to fear and suppressing it allows us to focus on what we really want.

3. Think about the alternatives

Have you considered each option different? Sometimes we think we have it all figured out, while other avenues are worth exploring. Among other things, we do not usually make the same decision when we are in a good mood or in a bad mood. Try to imagine that you made a certain decision and analyze your reactions for a few days. This will help you understand how you feel in various situations.

4. Take some distance

Stop thinking about every detail and take a moment to distract yourself and then think again with a different look. Consider how you will evaluate yourself for years to come before making your choice.

5. Accept

Finally, when we make a difficult decision, we often have to regret it. Choosing a path, even if it is the best one for us, closes certain doors for us. It is important to learn to accept this part of regret.

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