5 tips to improve your children's eating habits

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Helping your child develop good eating habits is not always easy. The researchers give their advice to make it easier.

Leave soda, candy, ready meals, and other industrial products. For the good development of children, quality food is essential.

After conducting a study on the eating habits of children among 4,000 young people and 100 parents, the researchers offer, in The Conversation, 5 tips to encourage new generations to adopt a balanced diet from an early age.

1. Vary healthy foods

Cereals, vegetables, eggs, fish. Providing your child with a diversified and balanced diet is essential for her growth. The variation of healthy foods allows to maximize the intake of nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates and even lipids, and promote their development.

For this, you can offer your children 5 fruits and vegetables a day, meat, fish or eggs 1 to 2 times a day, dairy products 3 times a day and products based on cereals or legumes with each meal.

2. Introduce new vegetables and fruits

It's not always easy to get your kids to eat new fruits and vegetables. If carrots, green beans, or even tomatoes are generally accepted, introducing cauliflower, spinach, or zucchini is not an easy task.

However, offering this variety of foods as early as possible, at an early age, allows to expand the tastes of children. To do this, combine these new fruits and vegetables with your favorite foods, opt for playful presentations.

3. Lead by eating healthy

We know that children love to imitate their parents. A great opportunity to show them the example in terms of food. If you adopt a healthy lifestyle by favoring healthy foods, your children will have no problem doing the same.

4. Eat at a fixed time and at the table, with the family.

Meals are not just for food. They are also a special time to share with the family. To make it a real space for sharing and sharing, sit down at the table and at a set time with your children so that you can take time to eat and chat.

Good habits that would have positive consequences: "Children who share family meals three times a week or more are more likely to maintain their body weight and adopt healthy eating habits. In adolescence, the presence of parents during dinner is associated with consuming fruits, vegetables and dairy products, "says The Conversation.

5. Ask for help

If your children do not accept these good eating habits despite their best efforts, it is advisable to seek help from health professionals. The objective? Reduce obesity, which affects 41 million children worldwide.

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