5G, dangerous for health?

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The rollout of 5G raises many questions and concerns. Among these fears, we find the possible harmful consequences on health. But does this new communication standard really pose a danger to our health? Doctor Michel Cymes was interested in the question.

Do these electromagnetic fields generated by this new technology have any impact on health? Should we fear them? These are the questions that continue to appear since the arrival of 5G. The reason is simple: these imperceptible waves, emitted by this new communication standard, pass through our body. "The World Health Organization classifies electromagnetic radiation among possible carcinogens", published by Inserm Brigitte Lacour, epidemiologist at the Center for Epidemiology and Statistics of the Sorbonne Paris Cité. Therefore, they can have health consequences.

Several opponents of this technology denounce the short- and long-term health effects of these electromagnetic fields. But according to the work of the Institute for Research in Health, Environment and Labor (IRSET), these waves do not have harmful effects on health in the short term. To date, no studies have confirmed the long-term health effects of 5G. "The only proven risk is the risk of overheating," IRSET researcher Yves Le Dréan told Inserm.

In RTL, Michel Cymes explained that the exposure to electromagnetic waves must be significant for this risk to be confirmed, that is, an "increase in the temperature of biological tissues" and the "degradation of proteins". The doctor relies on the researchers findings and they indicated that "the risk of increased tissue temperature is zero" because European law sets thresholds that must not be exceeded.

5G: Can airwaves cause cancer?

Many opponents of 5G believe that this technology could lead to the development of cancer. Michel Cymes believes that the studies, which suggest a high risk of cancer, memory disorders or concentration, are "contradictory". "According to the research, there is no increase in cases of brain cancer in the western world, where the mobile phone has become widespread. This statement takes into account all parameters and in particular the aging of the population," he said.

According to the doctor, there is still no evidence that 5G increases the risk of developing a tumor in the heart. The American, which would point to a higher risk of heart tumor, is based on rats, which were exposed to doses above the norms and "who took the equivalent of 70 years of exposure in humans," said the doctor.

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