6 foods that will reduce your life expectancy

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What if someone told you how many minutes of life you lose according to each food you eat? you would definitely think better of what you consume. Here we indicate it. According to a recent American study, certain foods should be eaten in moderation, or even avoided, because they would reduce our life expectancy. Find out which products can take minutes and hours from your life.

We know that food has a real impact on our health. The content of our plate can, for example, grease our skin or cause the appearance of pimples. It can also damage our teeth. Another impact: certain foods have the power to unbalance the intestinal flora. Other products would also affect our life expectancy, according to a study published Aug. 18 in the journal Nature Food. During this work, researchers at the University of Michigan in the United States identified foods that would reduce longevity and those that would lead to a longer life.

To conduct their research, the scientists examined 5,853 foods that are widely consumed in the United States. The latter evaluated the direct influence of the products on the shelf life. To do this, "they combined health-based nutritional indicators and 18 environmental indicators to evaluate, classify and prioritize different foods," the study indicates. They then determined the number of minutes of life lost or gained per gram of food.

Hot dogs, soft drinks What foods reduce our life expectancy?

Researchers have found that various foods shortened our life expectancy. Among them, we find:

The hot dog, which would lose 36.3 minutes of healthy life

Soft drinks, which would lose 12.4 minutes of life.

Cheeseburgers, which would shorten our life by 8.8 minutes

The pizzas, which would lose 7.8 minutes of life expectancy

Bacon, which would mean a loss of 6.4 minutes of healthy life

Cheddar, which would reduce life expectancy by 1.4 minutes.

Life expectancy: foods that save years of life

According to the results of the research, a serving of walnuts could live 26 minutes longer. A peanut butter / jelly sandwich would also increase a person's life expectancy by half an hour. Other foods that promote longevity: salmon and bananas. These would save 13.5 minutes of healthy life. According to the study authors, tomatoes and avocados are also believed to help you stay alive longer.

"Our analysis also showed that replacing just 10% of the daily calorie intake from beef and processed meat with fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and seafood could result in improvements. Substantial health benefits, namely a 48 minute gain per person per day, and a 33% reduction in the carbon footprint of food, "the scientists said.

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