6 signs of stress you haven't noticed

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You think you know yourself well, you know how to spot every sign of distress, and you can handle the few stressful daily events. However, the body can surprise us. When it detects a potentially dangerous level of stress, it can send us unexpected signals.

Chronic headaches, digestive problems, broken sleep, nightmares, heavy sweating, abnormal hair loss, and a lack of enjoyment from pleasant activities are some of the surprising symptoms of stress overexposure.


Do you have shooting pains in your head all day? It could be a stress headache or a migraine. Stress is a common headache trigger. If the pain is sudden, severe, accompanied by fever or double vision, or occurs after a head injury, go to the hospital right away. Otherwise, try to reduce daily stress.

The digestive system

Our tummy can be one of the first places where you can experience symptoms of stress and anxiety. The brain has a direct effect on the stomach and intestines. This connection is a two-way street that can lead to many symptoms. Stress can lead to an increase in stomach acids, leading to digestive problems such as ulcers, pain, nausea, and bloating.

Our stomachs can be thought of as our second brain, and under stress, our entire digestive system can be affected including the colon. A balanced diet is the key to regaining shape but also for morale. By focusing on certain magnesium-rich foods, such as seafood, fatty fish, dark chocolate, garlic, or even whole grains, we can manage the consequences of our stress.


Stress can disrupt your sleep pattern. Hormones like cortisol can keep the body awake because it remains on high alert. The stress and frustration of the day can also be the cause of strange dreams. Some of the most common include falling down, being attacked by someone, being locked up, or repeatedly trying to do something but failing.


When the body reacts to an emotion, such as anxiety, stress, or excitement, the "apocrine" sweat glands release sweat. These glands, located in the armpit, groin and scalp, produce a milky sweat, made up of fatty acids and proteins, but odorless. Exercise, meditation and psychotherapy are some of the interesting options to minimize stress.

Hair loss

If you find entire strands of hair on your brush, you may be under severe stress. This hair loss does not have to be permanent. Again, using stress relieving techniques like meditation can help restore your hair in no time.

Loss of pleasure

One of the many emotional symptoms of stress is a general feeling of being unwell. Do not you like spending time with your loved ones or investing in your hobbies anymore? If you no longer enjoy doing the things you used to love, you may not only be stressed, but also suffer from depression. In fact, depression can be accelerated by chronic and long-term exposure to stress. If you notice this type of symptom, it is time to speak with a healthcare professional.

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