8 effective ways to combat stress

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A little stress can be beneficial, but too much stress can seriously affect our health. Here's how to avoid it.

Despite our best efforts, eliminating 100% of stress from our lives is an impossible and unnecessary mission. Because a little "good" stress can even do us good, jumpstart us, and help us move on. Worries begin when the level of stress is such that it engulfs our entire daily life and affects our health.

Many chronic illnesses are directly related to stress, as well as a multitude of conditions ranging from stomachaches to depression to heart problems. Here are some scientifically proven strategies that can help you regain your composure.

Develop your creativity

You've probably noticed the craze for adult coloring books. This simple technique frees and calms the mind. Numerous studies have shown the benefits of various artistic activities such as music, writing, drawing and dancing, which help to relax and reduce stress. All you have to do is find the one that suits you best.

Take breaks

Scientific work has shown the effectiveness of breaks in times of stress. Don't feel guilty if you take a few minutes for coffee and clear your mind when you have a lot of work to do; you will be more productive after recharging the batteries.

Disable information

Have you had a bad day? Avoid turning on the television on the news channel, listening to the radio, or reading the newspaper, as this can further stress you out. You can always catch up on the information you missed when you are more relaxed.


The Coué method has proven itself even in the area of stress. The physical act of smiling, even if you are not happy, could relax the mind.

Take a nap

Sleep and stress levels are directly related. When you are stressed, you sleep poorly and increase the amount of stress; It is a vicious circle. One of the solutions to this problem, suggests the American site Refinery29, is to take a nap.

Meditate on love

Yes, there is a meditation technique called "loving-kindness meditation" that allows you to explore positive feelings about yourself and other people. According to scientific studies, this method is very effective in reducing sources of stress.

Do yoga

There is no longer any doubt about the calming power of yoga. This ancient practice helps to refocus and regulate the perception of stress to better manage the distressing moments of everyday life.

Sometimes we just need to take the time to think about an issue that concerns us. Set aside a time of day dedicated to stress, but not longer than 30 minutes.

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