Italy on the brink of total quarantine

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He recommends only leaving their homes in search of food and remedies, cancellation of public transport is possible.

Italy with more than 10,000 cases analyzes quarantine of the population

He recommends only leaving their homes in search of food and remedies, it is possible to cancel public transport.

The coronavirus is progressing faster and faster in Italy and appears to be winning the battle. In the north the situation is becoming increasingly complicated. "At this rate of more than a thousand infected per day, the system will collapse in ten or fifteen days," says Giulio Gallera, who is leading the battle against the spread of the coronavirus in the region, Lombardy. The most extreme solution dictates a clear strategy: "Close practically everything", which would include blocking transportation and movement of people.

As contamination zones were established in the war, the "red zone" was first created, which quarantined 50,000 people, then expanded to part of the north of the country, extending isolation to 16 million inhabitants. This weekend was extended even further: all of Italy was turned into a "protected area" with controls for the 60 million inhabitants.

The main thing is to prevent people from moving from their houses, it is the only effective measure that prevents contagion since the plague originated in China began, it has already spread to more than ten thousand inhabitants throughout the country. The dead amount to 631 people and calculate that at this rate it will soon approach more than a thousand. The current infected people are 8514. It is calculated that in two days they will reach ten thousand.

Gallera comments on the Lombardy health system, where the main focus of the virus originated in February and created 2 outbreaks in the Emilia Romania and Veneto regions, it has dozens of infected health teachers, doctors, nurses and paramedical technicians who take extended shifts and They are out of stock, the spare parts are just starting to arrive to relieve the professionals.

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