A cure to lose weight

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Do you need help to lose extra pounds? Consider spa treatments and thalassotherapy. It is the perfect place to rebalance your diet and take care of yourself.

What are hydrotherapy and thalassotherapy? Natural therapies based on the use of sea water for one, spring water for the other. They all have in common care such as hot tubs, jet showers, wraps (mud / algae), massages practiced by hydrotherapists and physiotherapists.

Slimming cures address overweight in all its aspects: diet, body care, physical activity in a privileged environment, they allow you to take balance and start losing weight.

All thalassotherapy centers offer these cures, more or less focused on aesthetic care, resumption of activity or diet. In hydrotherapy it is different: the water must have beneficial effects on weight loss.

The different treatments offered in slimming cures

Thermal or thalassotherapy cures offer a multitude of treatments:

- Hydrotherapy treatments: in jet showers, hydromassage bathtubs or even underwater jets, hot water, loaded with minerals, regenerates and tones the tissues, while the water massage eliminates cellulite;

- Wraps: based on mud or algae, these treatments aim to penetrate the body with natural active ingredients with slimming properties. The coated body is placed on a blanket, the heat of which is intended to promote skin exchanges;

- Massages: lymphatic drainage and palpate-roll are in the slimming cure program for their anti-retention and anti-cellulite properties;

- Aesthetic treatments: there are currently, in many centers, devices used in aesthetic institutes for their action against cellulite: Cellu M6, Bodysculptor, Thalaxion, etc.

Diet during the cure

From the beginning of treatment, the patient is seen by a doctor and then by a dietitian. The objective of this personalized assessment is to take stock of the weight situation, point out the errors of hygiene of life and seek appropriate solutions. A tailored diet program has also been developed. Overweight spa guests are strongly recommended to choose an establishment where the integrated hotel serves light cuisine and opt for the full board formula. Then the meals are adapted according to the dietitians recommendations.

Weight-loss meetings and diet cooking classes are offered - ideal for learning the basics of a balanced diet and light, tasty cooking.

Physical activities for all curistas

All centers have a gym with equipment (treadmill, bicycles, etc.) and a swimming pool, or even a water course.

There, yoga, aqua aerobics, step, and aerobics sessions are supervised, and more and more establishments offer courses, accessible to all or reserved for clients of the slimming spa. You can also go hiking, cycling and jogging. In some centers the weight loss treatment includes the implementation and monitoring of a tailored program with a personalized sports trainer.

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