A new French method to fight overweight

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Amazing results of an innovative weight loss treatment developed by French scientists. Simply stick a patch on your skin and the fat burns itself off. It does not require drastic diets or regular physical activity. Are we facing the weight loss of the future? Everything indicates that it is.

This study made history

In the study carried out by the French Institute of Obesity and Health, 5,000 women and men with different degrees of overweight participated. For 30 days, they underwent an innovative weight loss treatment, which involved the use of a special patch on a selected part of the body. The results were a surprise to the creators of this method themselves. It was found that :

In all study subjects, the metabolic rate increased 2-3 times after the first application of the patch.

89% of the cases managed to lose 7 to 8 kg in the first 10 days.

91% of women successfully got rid of cellulite changes.

In 94% of cases, subjects stopped eating between main meals and felt full longer.

In 97% of the subjects the YO-YO effect did not appear.

Scientists from all over the world are motivated: we are facing a breakthrough in natural methods to treat overweight. There are also voices that call it "fat burner" and "calorie eater".

"WonderPatch is the most powerful natural fat burning activator I have ever come across. I saw with my own eyes how they ruthlessly shed the extra pounds. It was effective even in cases of advanced overweight and in the most difficult parts of the body, such as the abdomen or thighs. Not to mention the fact that the subjects lost 1/3 of their extra pounds in just over a week. It really impresses us, even us." Indicates Christian Bedier, a member of the research team at the Institute of Obesity and Health.

What is the innovative formula of WonderPatch?

During the 9 hours of action of a single patch, the LPL enzyme is activated, which triggers a kind of "power plant" in the body, accelerating the conversion of fatty acids stored in fat cells into energy. In this way, the fat cells shrink and the kilos disappear.

This formula is based on a transdermal system: after applying the patch to the surface of the skin, the active ingredients release substances that stimulate the metabolism, minimize the feeling of hunger and reduce cellulite.

Hidden in the special layers of the patch, substances of vegetable origin with the highest content of turbo fat burners, allow you to lose kilos almost effortlessly.

Proven effects:

Medical tests have confirmed that WonderPatch contributes to rapid and effective weight loss. This method works day and night, actively stimulating the body to burn fat. It could be said that the substances contained in the patches, after being released on the skin, turn the body into a true fat-burning machine.

Diets are the past.

Fat doesn't burn itself, so it needs to be helped by speeding up your metabolism, digesting food efficiently, limiting the absorption of fat that comes with food, and keeping you feeling full longer. All thanks to WonderPatch patches, without the need to train or start a new miracle diet. This formula has successfully passed all safety tests and obtained the necessary certification. It is suitable for people of all ages, more or less overweight.

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