After how many uses should I change my bath towel?

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How often should I change my towel? An American microbiologist gives a concrete answer and his advice to prevent bacteria from proliferating in our swimwear.

In general, it is advisable to wash the towels about twice a week. But from a scientific point of view, how many times can we use our bath towel, before it is considered "dirty"? This is the question answered by Philip Tierno, a microbiologist and pathologist at New York University (United States), quoted by the Australian magazine Business Insider.

For Philip Tierno, you should wash your towel after "three uses, no more." But this would only be valid on condition of being able to "dry it completely" between each use. Therefore, the specialist strongly recommends hanging the wet towel in a dry place so that it can "ventilate" and thus avoid the accumulation of bacteria. develop more in humidity.

In addition, it specifies that it is highly recommended not to borrow towels, not even with the family!

As the Australian newspaper reminds us, "towels are favorable surfaces for the growth of germs" and can become an ideal place to live bacteria, fungi, dead skin cells, salivary, anal and urinary secretions and other germs.

Of course, the frequency of washing depends not only on how you use the towels, but also on their size. The larger the bath towel, the longer the surface will "get dirty".

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