All about "scalp-popping," this TikTok challenge that worries doctors

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A haunting new challenge has spread to Tik Tok. Called "scalp popping" or "scalp-popping," it consists of "popping" the scalp. But this supposed "anti-migraine" practice would not be without risks.

Not three months go by without a new stupid and / or dangerous trend making noise on the Internet, and especially through the social network Tik Tok. The latter is a body challenge, or should we say capillary. This challenge, called "scalp-popping", consists of making the scalp "pop" by rolling and pulling a lock of hair. This gives a dry and quite loud noise, which is surprising. It is quite similar to the creaking that can be heard when the joints are broken. The HuffPost, which echoes this challenge, indicates that it dates back to November 21, when a Tiktokeuse tried to "pull her scalp out" in hopes of ending her headaches.

But now, this trend seems to worry doctors more. In the columns of the American magazine Health, the masseur Jon Musgrave asks Internet users to go their own way and go to a massage professional instead of embarking on this challenge. "I first realized this practice as something that Mexican women do to help relieve heat-induced migraines," he said. "It is not a standard Western massage technique, and it is not something I would do to myself or anyone else," added the therapist, who believes that this gesture if done incorrectly, can lead to neck strain or tissue damage. connective under the scalp.

In case of a feeling of tension in the scalp, the masseuse recommends instead a gentle massage of the scalp with the fingertips, in small circles, to get the skin to move. As for the "scalp snapping" noise, Jon Musgrave thinks it is probably a sucking phenomenon, like trying to suck something with a suction cup.

On TikTok, Dr. Tony Youn, a plastic surgeon, indicates that the practice of "scalp-popping" or "scalp-popping" could generate an influx of blood on the side of the head where it is being pulled , so he considers it a bad idea. In short, we can only advise you not to give in to this new Tik Tok trend.

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