An anti snoring pill?

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Finally a hope for snorers? What about those who suffer from sleep apnea? Americans are developing a new drug that can solve much of the problem.

Trials published by researchers from the Apnimed company look promising.

Researchers are testing the combination of two molecules that could also treat sleep apnea.

To develop their pill, they combined two molecules, atomoxetine (usually prescribed to treat attention deficit disorder) and oxybutynin, which "targets neurotransmitter levels in the central nervous system to activate muscle tissue in the upper respiratory tract and maintain. open airways during sleep ", as the study author explains.

Combined, these two molecules appear to keep the muscles of the airways working; it is your flaccidity that causes snoring and sleep apnea.

Taking this new product could quickly reduce snoring by 74%, once taken at night. A "simple, safe and efficient" solution, according to its designers. However, it will be necessary to wait for the other phases of the trials to be sure of the efficacy of this new drug and its absence of side effects.

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