Anger and woman: a beneficial feeling?

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Although serenity and well-being provide more long-term benefits than negative feelings like anger, suppressing emotions is just as damaging. Learn to better understand this feeling and use it to your advantage.

Anger can be very helpful. It protects against danger and injustice, makes victims visible, allows action to be taken and people to defend themselves. However, women use it less often than men. Although they feel this emotion as much as any human being, they are educated to stifle it and calm others at the expense of their mental and physical health. Their anger is often misunderstood, judged, or ignored.

Harassment at work, family tensions or just daily stress related to discrimination. There are many good reasons to show your anger, recalls the Greater Good Magazine site. Although serenity is better for your health than anger in the long run, suppressing your feelings is never beneficial. Here are some ways to better understand and better use this emotion to move from inaction to commitment.


Many women are not even aware of their negative emotions because they have been encouraged all their lives to be positive and smile. Therefore, it is essential to be aware of your anger when it is present. Meditation, writing, or therapy can help put words into emotions and make you aware of how you feel.

Gain the trust

Staying healthy and moving your body regularly allows you to stay active and develop your physical and mental abilities. Don't let messages about the ideal body hurt your self-esteem, and take care of your body only for your personal well-being.

Gradually assert yourself

No one wants to be hated, but sometimes we have to be brave to talk about what's wrong. These can be small changes, such as stopping the word "sorry" or going backwards, refusing to put the needs of others before your own, making known the problems in your environment. work, or that their efforts are recognized. Find the right tone that works for you to talk about the reasons for your anger while building your self-confidence.

Reject prejudice

Don't accept stereotypes that women are more emotional and irrational than men. Everyone feels emotions. They deserve our full attention and are worth expressing. Cultural stereotypes lead us to believe that angry women are hysterical or crazy. But it would be better to listen and understand the reasons for his anger than to react with hostility.

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