Anti-Covid Regeneron: Donald Trump's "miracle" treatment

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Within days of becoming infected with the coronavirus, Donald Trump left the hospital in very good shape. According to the US president, this quick cure is due to Regeneron, an experimental treatment.

After downplaying the Covid-19 epidemic for several months, Donald Trump became infected with the virus. As soon as the results of his screening were known, the American president was treated and isolated. Four days after his hospitalization, the Head of State returned to his post in the Oval Office.

In a video posted Thursday, October 8, Donald Trump associated his miraculous recovery with Regeneron, a treatment that combines two powerful antivirals. This treatment was designed by the Regeneron Pharmaceuticals laboratory. The researchers took antibodies from patients who had recovered from the new coronavirus. Then they cloned them to make new molecules. Once injected, these molecules attacked the virus to prevent it from growing.

Regeneron: A Free Distribution of Treatment to Americans

For the US president, having been infected with the coronavirus is a "blessing from God." According to Donald Trump, the Regeneron cocktail acted quickly: "I felt good right away," he said.

According to the New York Times, there is no evidence that this treatment works. The newspaper also added that the president received other medications while in the hospital. His doctors reportedly prescribed another antiviral and dexamethasone. The World Health Organization recommends the use of dexamethasone in particular for severe forms of Covid-19.

Regeneron has not been validated by the US drug agency.

After his "miracle" cure, Donald Trump wishes to distribute this treatment free of charge to all older Americans. However, this cure is very expensive. The New York Times estimated the cost of this treatment at $ 30,000 for an American over the age of 60. Without insurance, the Regeneron will cost even more.

This treatment is still in the testing phase and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the US pharmaceutical agency, has not approved its sale. In his video, Donald Trump wants to sign "an emergency marketing authorization."

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