Are you in good physical condition? This quick and easy test lets you know

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Body flexibility, balance, muscular strength. The end of the year is an opportunity to take stock of your physical condition, identify your weaknesses and why not work on them in 2021, as part of your good resolutions?

Do you have 3 minutes ahead? Take the opportunity to test your physical condition, thanks to this ultra-simple and fast exercise to do at home without equipment, which allows you to test your flexibility, your balance and your muscles.

And to self-assess in a few minutes at home, without special equipment. This apparently very simple test, however, allows us to learn a lot about our health and control many parameters of our physical condition: flexibility, balance, muscles.

Dr. Jimmy Mohamed suggests that you take a few minutes at home and follow these steps:

Sit on the floor with your legs crossed.

Now get up and see if getting up was difficult for you: if you had to help yourself with your hands while pushing against the ground, if you had to support yourself on your knees or only with the strength of your legs.

Sit cross-legged on the floor again, then stand up and score 10. The 10/10 rating is the best possible rating (in the event that you can get up without losing your balance, with only muscle strength in your legs) .

How to evaluate yourself? To determine your score of 10, subtract one point for each additional help or difficulty encountered (went forward or backward, lacked stability when standing up, used hands on the ground, put knees on the ground to stand, grabbed a piece of furniture in front of you to get up, etc.). And if you rolled on the floor while getting up and found this exercise especially difficult, it is because you have significant room for improvement.

Flexibility, balance, muscle strengthening: identify your weaknesses to work on them.

This small quick test will allow you to take stock of your physical form, to know if you need to work on your flexibility (stretching, yoga postures or even the practice of Pilates can help you), or if you need to strengthen your muscles (opt for specific strengthening exercises and muscle lining), and if you need to improve your balance and body stability (for this, find our special daily balance exercise routine).

The goal: to repeat this quick exercise regularly, to gradually increase your score and visibly improve your fitness.

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