Biden's team threatens to oust Trump if he refuses to leave the White House

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A spokesman for the Democratic White House candidate Joe Biden threatened to "oust" Donald Trump from the White House if he refused to admit defeat, which seemed increasingly likely.

Joe Biden stood on the doorstep of the White House at the age of 77 this Friday after taking the lead in counting votes in a key Pennsylvania state, but Donald Trump seemed determined to challenge the verdict at the polls. No winner has yet been declared.

"The Americans will decide the outcome of this election," a Joe Biden spokesman, Andrew Bates, hammered Friday. "And the American authorities are perfectly capable of expelling intruders from the White House," he added.

In a tally moving forward in dribbles, the trend reversed early in the morning: Led since Tuesdays election in Pennsylvania, the former Democratic vice president is now ahead of the Republican president by a small lead.

If former Vice President Barack Obama wins in Pennsylvania, he will become the 46th US president on January 20, regardless of the result of the count in the other states.

Donald Trump shouted fraud again on Thursday, without adding any new elements.

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