Can a mosquito infect you with covid-19?

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Flies, mosquitoes and all other flying insects. In these times of pandemic, are there so many potential dangers capable of transmitting and transmitting the disease to anyone and anywhere, despite the closure?

Not enough viral load

Rumors and fake news fly even faster than today's insects. One of them was that they could spread the SARS-cov2 virus. Fake news or reality? The Ministry of Solidarity and Health had to deal with clarifying the question itself: "No, Covid-19 cannot be transmitted by mosquito bites." It is a respiratory virus, the disease is transmitted by postillions (sneezing, coughing) and by contact with unwashed hands. "In fact, being infected with the coronavirus depends on the viral load transported.

However, when it comes to flying insects, this viral load is simply too low to pose a risk to humans. Whether it's flies, mosquitoes or any other, there's no risk that the virus will be carried by these insects, even if they don't meet any definition.

No mosquito transmission

Similarly, mosquito bites also cannot transmit the coronavirus. It is true that this insect can carry other viruses such as dengue or chikungunya, but the mosquito cannot absorb the Covid-19 virus. In fact, since this virus cannot develop in your salivary glands, it cannot be transmitted through a bite.

Thus, as the French entomologists of the Interdepartmental Agreement for the Control of Mosquitoes of the Mediterranean Coast (EID) explain, "in the event of an infected human blood sting, the mosquito calmly digests this virus, as it does for all pathogens that not adapted in the blood it usually consumes. "

Therefore, the coronavirus should resist the digestion of mosquitoes "so that it can then infect their cells, reach their salivary glands and replicate there." What, according to these experts, would take a few thousand years.

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