Capitol protesters wanted to "capture and murder" elected officials

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US prosecutors believe supporters of President Donald Trump attempted to "capture and assassinate elected officials" during the assault on the Capitol in Washington last week, according to court documents.

A Justice Department filing calls for the continued detention of Jacob Chansley, QAnons conspiratorial activist, photographed shirtless and wearing horned shaman clothes during the riot at Vice President Mike Pences office.

"Solid evidence, including Chansleys own words and actions on Capitol Hill, shows that the intent of the rioters on Capitol Hill was to capture and assassinate elected officials in the United States government," prosecutors write of the assault on 6 January.

They said that Mr. Chansley, 33, left a note for Mr. Pences attention on the Senate bench where the vice president had been a few minutes earlier, on which it was written: "It is only a matter of time. Justice".

The chosen ones feared for their lives

During the day of chaos at the heart of American democracy, elected officials went into hiding because they feared for their lives and at least five people, including a police officer, were killed. Authorities prosecuted the rioters, including a man waving the Confederate flag on Capitol Hill, another man wearing a "Camp Auschwitz" sweatshirt and an Olympic swimming champion.

Chansley is scheduled to appear in court on Friday. According to the prosecution, he is a habitual drug user and probably has mental problems. "Chansley has spoken openly about his belief that he is an alien, a higher entity, and that he is here on Earth to ascend to another reality," the file reads.

Prosecutors ask that he be kept in custody due to the "high flight risk and danger to society." Chansley is a supporter of QAnon, that far-right conspiracy movement that saw the Capitol intrusion as a triumph.

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