Change a habit in 3 steps

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Reaching your goals is possible through the work of listening to yourself, modifying the environment and rewarding good behavior.

She smokes, bites her nails, nibbles in front of the television, pulls her hair, bites her lips; there are a series of small tics and poor health behaviors caused by increased stress or boredom. The good news is that you can regain control of these habits and change them (one at a time) in a matter of weeks. These are the most important steps to follow.

Step 1: Mindfulness

Listening to the feelings associated with certain cravings helps us better understand compulsive behaviors, accept the causes, and get rid of them. For this reason, mindfulness is highly recommended for people who want to change a habit. By practicing it regularly, you can focus on the present moment and reduce your daily stress.

Step 2: the environment

People and things around you can foster a bad habit. After youve identified the pattern that triggers the behavior you want to change, try modifying the context where possible. Do you smoke when you go out with your friends? Find an activity that allows you to meet non-smokers and spend time with them. Do you eat snacks when you sit on the couch? Change the design of the room to change your perspective. Do you eat sweets all day? Replace the candy bags with a fruit bowl. By breaking the routine and creating obstacles that make it difficult to carry out this bad behavior, you will move towards your goal.

Step 3: the reward

Once you've identified the cause of the behavior change, devised a plan to break that pattern, and learned how to better manage your emotions, feel free to reward yourself. Little pleasures allow the brain to associate the right behaviors with something pleasant. If you are trying to eat healthier, indulge yourself in the dress you love so much after a few days of effort. Replace the old habit with positive moments. This idea will help you keep going through the more difficult phases. And remember that changing a habit is a process that takes a little time depending on your character. Be patient and do not blame yourself for failure.

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