Christmas: 5 Ideas for Environmentally Responsible Gift Wrapping

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What if this festive year made your loved ones happy by being eco-responsible? We give you some tips to avoid waste when wrapping your gifts.

The month of December begins and the Christmas season is officially launched. It is the time to buy gifts for your loved ones. What would you say this year to please those around you while taking care of the planet? As? Wrapping your gifts in biodegradable and ecological materials.

Burlap gift wrapping

Among eco-responsible gift packaging, burlap is one of the best. Jute fiber is a material that has many interesting properties when you want to minimize its impact on the planet. It is completely biodegradable and requires little energy to produce. Burlap packaging has the advantage of being reusable year after year and requires very little effort. Simply place the gift in the bag or roll it up and secure with string. Simple, very economical and respectful with the environment.

100% cotton wrapping paper

If you find burlap a little boring and you want to keep the colorful and painterly side of traditional wrapping paper, there is another solution. These are fabric squares (responsible cotton and satin) that are machine washable and therefore reusable for any occasion. They are used to wrap Christmas gifts in a strong and smart way. This technique is widely used in Japan under the name of "Furoshiki", a textile folding technique to easily transport all kinds of objects.

Gift carton packaging

One of the most ecological solutions to wrap your gifts without generating additional waste is the use of recycled cardboard. Keep the boxes of your purchases, online orders, groceries, etc. and reuse them to wrap your Christmas gifts. They can be used over and over again until they are too damaged. They can be disposed of for recycling. This alternative is better for the environment than traditional wrapping paper, plus it costs you nothing. If the box seems too simple, you can decorate it yourself by following some DIY tutorials.

Kraft paper gift wrapping

Kraft is known for its strength and for its usefulness in various manual activities. But did you know that it can also be used as a wrapping for your gifts? Starting from sustainable production, you can get supplies in the store or on the Internet. Buy a roll and start folding to create the perfect wrappers. If you do not have the time or energy to dedicate yourself to this activity, you can buy some already assembled in places where you will find already decorated kraft boxes.

Magazine Paper Gift Wrap

Have you finished reading a magazine and are about to throw it away? Break a few pages before, they can be very useful for you. Besides being colorful and nice once around the gift, they allow you to recycle for free and at home. Not to mention, you wo not have to spend a penny to make this packaging that will definitely stand out from the crowd. You can also reuse the journal pages to get the same result.

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