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Chronic inflammatory bowel disease: avoid this ingredient so you do not get worse

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Certain factors can worsen the inflammation characteristic of chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). A new study has just identified one of these factors: excessive fructose consumption.

Chronic inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) includes Crohns disease and ulcerative colitis, and is characterized by inflammation of the digestive wall. While the causes of IBD are not yet well understood, these diseases are believed to be favored by certain risk factors such as diet, smoking, or the environment.

In a new study published in the journal Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology, researchers say they have identified another aggravating factor for IBD: a high intake of fructose, a simple sugar found naturally in fruit or honey.

IBD: fructose would worsen gut inflammation

To reach this conclusion, the authors of this work carried out experiments in mice with IBD. They found that inflammation of the intestines was worse in those who consumed large amounts of fructose. At the origin of this phenomenon? Changes in intestinal bacteria, that is, in the microbiota. The excessive consumption of fructose would therefore have an impact on the composition, distribution and metabolic function of these intestinal bacteria.

"Our findings provide evidence for a direct link between dietary fructose and IBD and support the concept that high fructose intake may worsen the disease in people with IBD. This is important because it can provide guidance on dietary choices for IBD patients, which currently do not exist, "concludes David Montrose, lead author of the study.

These conclusions are all the more important given that, at the moment, there is no treatment available to treat chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. Therefore, a proper diet is essential to alleviate symptoms.

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