Coronavirus: China promises vaccine for November

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A biosecurity expert from the China Center for Disease Control says a vaccine will be available very soon. In the United States too, the investigation is accelerating.

For several months, the vaccine race continues around the world. In Russia, in China, in the United States, in France, researchers in all countries are working hard to try to develop an effective and harmless vaccine against Covid-19. And China could soon cross the finish line before everyone else. On television, a Chinese official announced that a vaccine for the general public could be ready very soon.

The top biosecurity expert at the China Center for Disease Control told state broadcaster CCTV that a vaccine would be available to the general public "around November or December." The latter did not specify which vaccine it was referring to, but assured that "according to the clinical results of phase 3, the current progress is very fluid." To reassure the population, she announced that she herself had received this vaccine during the month of April and that she has been very well since then. However, the specialist did not specify which vaccine he received.

A vaccine on pause

As the MedicalXpress website reminds us, there are currently nine vaccines vying for first place. However, some appear in poor condition such as that of the pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford. The trials were suspended after the occurrence of a "potentially unexplained illness"in a participant from the UK. Ultimately, it was deemed safe to conduct further studies. This vaccine is considered a serious competitor among all those currently in development. Oxford University said that "some volunteers were" expected to feel unwell "in large trials like this one. Last June, the Chinese military approved a vaccine for use in its ranks.

In the United States, things are also accelerating. On Tuesday, September 15, Donald Trump assured that a vaccine would be available within a month. "We are very close to a vaccine," the president of the United States said during a question and answer session with voters in Pennsylvania. "We are a few weeks away from having it, it could be three or four weeks."

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