Coronavirus: doctors fear excess mortality from other pathologies

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During the first wave of the Covid-19 epidemic, many Doctors noted an increase in canceled operations and postponed examinations, as well as a decrease in consultations for reasons other than the coronavirus.

With the resurgence of cases, they care about other patients. To prevent it from happening again in a similar scenario, fifteen health professionals launch a warning cry from a forum.

Fear of going to the doctor and catching the coronavirus, fear of bothering already overloaded health professionals. These are the reasons that lead some patients with pathologies other than Covid-19 not to consult. As a result, many doctors are seeing a sharp drop in consultations for reasons other than the coronavirus.

"We have returned from various places in the territory where general practitioners are affected by a decrease in activity. The population is somehow paralyzed by the virus problem and, for the moment, endangers their other health problems," he says Patrick Bouet.

A worrying phenomenon for doctors, who fear a delay in diagnosis, which carries serious consequences for the health of patients and excess mortality from other incarcerated women. Health professionals are calling not to sacrifice other patients as was the case during the first wave of the Covid-19 epidemic.

"If we do not organize ourselves, the toll will be heavier than for Covid," said Émilie Grégoire, a surgeon at the Timone hospital in Marseille. Therefore, the signatories of the forum ask organizations to maintain equity in access to care. To do this, they explain that it is essential "to create Covid and non-Covid sectors to preserve certain activities."

Call doctor knew if you have any problems.

If doctors urge patients to postpone elective medical appointments, they insist that certain symptoms locked there should consult. "Many chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart, coronary or respiratory failure can worsen if it is poorly controlled," recalls Jacques Battistoni.

Therefore, healthcare professionals recommend that patients being followed for a chronic illness or who have a medical problem that cannot wait, call their treating physician. A reflection that patients should not lose and that is facilitated by the generalization of teleconsultation in this context of crisis.

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