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Coronavirus: Should a mask be worn?

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Many indicate that it is not necessary to wear a mask, and it is recommended only for people who are already sick or who are caring for someone who is infected. But how true is this?

A reporter from China, who has been covering the development of the epidemic in China since the outbreak began, says that face masks in China are highly recommended. In other words, they are essentially required and required by the authorities. The United States only recommends them for people who they suspect are ill. But leaving the use in the face of suspicion can also pose a risk.

There are specific reasons why China requires everyone to wear a mask. China is a very large country with large developing areas lacking public health and education. So the government has mandatorily required the most affected areas to wear masks and has strongly recommended it for the rest of the population.

People are used to government orders in a way that western societies are not. Especially since very few knew about the coronavirus at the start of the outbreak.

Journalist Eunice Yoon indicates that if she were living outside of China, she would wear the mask depending on her lifestyle. If you drive your own car and go to stores with few people - and you're not sick - I wouldn't wear the mask. However, if I were on a crowded train in Manhattan, I would use it.

Chinese health officials found that patients are contagious without showing any symptoms for more than 14 days - in some cases even longer. WHO later told reporters that there were no asymptomatic cases as previously thought. The fact is that there are still unknown factors of the virus.

It is argued that masks may fail to protect as they are not well sealed and dependent on handling. However, it is highly recommended as you are in crowds that cannot be avoided. It is always important to know how to handle the mask when putting it on and removing it - and for this you can follow simple instructions - how to wash your hands before and after using it, and when removing it, just touch the straps of the mask (Coronavirus: How to use the mask correctly?).

China currently has controlled the expansion of cases of coronavirus or COVID-19 infections.

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