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Coronavirus: Will Donald Trump be forced to wear a mask?

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The American president is under fire from criticism because he refuses to wear a mask in public since the beginning of the crisis.

"He had one before. He had one in this room behind. But he did not want to give the press the pleasure of seeing him." Donald Trump does not want to be seen publicly wearing the essential mask in the coronavirus era. It would be against his policy since beginning of the crisis, which tends to minimize the health emergency in the United States.

More and more voices, also in the republican clan, say that the president must wear a mask when, by the admission of his own government, time is cruelly running out to find solutions against the new coronavirus.

The Republican President has never appeared in public with a face mask since the start of the pandemic, which has killed more than 125,000 people in the United States, the world's most distressed country. However, on May 22, he admitted to wearing a mask during a visit to a Ford factory, where he spoke of his desire not to please the press.

Tragic irony, because he mocked his Democratic opponent in the November 3 presidential election, Joe Biden, who wears it and described wearing the mask as a "double-edged sword" from a health point of view. just as the south of the country faces a disturbing outbreak of the disease.

The Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC), which provides the pace of the government's response to the coronavirus, simply recommended its use. And he did not "demand" what should have been done for "a long time," said Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi on Sunday. All this so as not to "disturb" the Republican billionaire, he said in an interview on ABC News. "The President should wear a mask," he said before adding, "Real men wear a mask," suggesting, as Joe Biden has already done, that Donald Trump's refusal to cover his face was only a matter of manhood outside. of place.

Many observers and analysts also say that male supporters of the White House tenant in conservative regions of the country see the mask as a sign of weakness.

Schism around the mask.

The schism around the mask, which health agencies around the world now consider effective against the virus, is highly political in the United States, as Donald Trump himself admitted this week. But it shouldn't be, Republican Senator Lamar Alexander lamented Sunday morning, in a rare compromise with Democrats.

"It would be helpful if, from time to time, the president wore one. It would help us get rid of the political debate that if you are for Trump you are not wearing a mask and if you are against Trump, you are," he said. on CNN.

Questioned shortly afterward on this issue, Health Secretary Alex Azar simply recalled that the president was a "one-off" case because he was "regularly" tested, so he picks up on the New York billionaire argument. However, the exam would let you know if you contracted Covid-19, but it would not prevent contamination. While repeating the message from the federal government (respecting social distancing, washing hands and wearing a mask), Alex Azar acknowledged that the situation was "very serious" and that "the window was closing to act and regain control of the situation of health".

Masked in Jacksonville in August?

Almost half of the American states, particularly in the South and West, experienced a severe resurgence of Covid-19 during the month of June, and some, such as Florida or Texas, faced a series of infections of unprecedented importance, again decreeing quarantines.

If it is not launched in July, the president could be forced to wear a mask next August, where he himself decided to install the Republican convention, which will make him the candidate of the "Republican Party". for president.

Ironically, the American city of Jacksonville, where the Republican Party national convention will be held in August, forced facemasks to be worn for its residents on Monday, in reaction to the progression of infections with the new coronavirus. The Republican convention was initially scheduled for August 24-27 in North Carolina.

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