Covid-19: 8 mistakes to avoid in restaurants to limit risks

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Frequenting bars and restaurants regularly increases the risk of being contaminated by Covid-19. How to protect yourself as much as possible from the virus in these establishments that bring together the public? Discover 8 mistakes to avoid.

Do bars and restaurants promote the transmission of Covid-19? Yes, if we are to believe the results of a new survey conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Proof of this is that participants who tested positive for the coronavirus ate 2.4 times more in restaurants than participants who were unaffected by the disease. A phenomenon that can be explained by the fact that bars and restaurants are partially closed meeting places, in which the use of masks is less.

How to limit the risk of contamination? Here are 8 mistakes to avoid.

Settle inside establishments

To limit the risk of transmission of Covid-19, it is advisable, as far as possible, to favor the terraces of restaurants and bars instead of installing indoors. A precaution that, however, does not dispense with barrier gestures and physical distancing: even outdoors, you must be vigilant.

Not respecting social distancing

In bars and restaurants, tables must be separated by one meter. Therefore, it is recommended to check if this rule defined by the health protocol is respected. The limit of diners per table is 10 people, forming a homogeneous group of people (family, friends) and preconstituted.

Share your dishes

To limit the risk of contamination, it is essential to individualize foods. No more cheeses and cold cuts to share: against Covid-19, everyone has their own plate and cutlery.

Forgetting to wash your hands before and after eating

It can not be said enough: regular hand washing is essential during this time of the Covid-19 epidemic. This is even more true when you sit at the table and share your food with other people. A gesture that can be associated with the use of hydroalcoholic gel: leaving the bottle on the table or in your pocket can be a good solution for impeccable hygiene.

Sit near the air conditioner

In some cases, air conditioners can promote the spread of Covid-19. This is what a study published last July in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases suggested. There the case of a retiree infected unknowingly by Covid-19 was reported. She went to a restaurant and infected five other customers, who were far from her. "A strong flow of air from the air conditioner could have scattered droplets," the researchers explained.

To limit the risk of spreading the virus, "air conditioners must be equipped with efficient and properly maintained filters. Then, they allow obtaining "filtered" air that significantly reduces the viral load in the room if one or more people are infected in the room. room". If you are in doubt about the maintenance of air conditioners, it is advisable not to sit near this device.

Do not wear a mask when traveling

"Customers of cafes, bars and restaurants should wear a mask, except when at the table." Whether you get up to pay the bill or go to the bathroom, you need to wear this protective device. Upon returning to the table, the mask can be removed from the strap or elastic and carefully stored in an airtight bag.

Toast with others

In bars and restaurants, toasting with drinks during the aperitif is a habit. A friendly gesture that should be put aside during this time of the Covid-19 epidemic. And for good reason: no one is unaware that this disease is transmitted through saliva.

Speak loudly

During the discussions that mark dinner or aperitif, it is not unusual to change the tone and speak louder and louder. A bad habit that favors the excretion of droplets of saliva. Therefore, it is advisable to maintain a moderate tone, to limit the risk of contamination.

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