Covid-19: a new symptom discovered in men?

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American researchers warn of the likely existence of a new Covid-19 symptom, which could lead to complications in male patients. Find out what this signal is, which must be carefully monitored.

After the loss of smell and taste that has affected many Covid-19 patients since the beginning of the epidemic, or the dermatological symptoms associated with the coronavirus and reported by several dermatologists, a new very specific sign could alert men.

Covid-19: a new symptom observed in men?

The new symptom discovered would be pain in the testicles, which would have been observed in particular in an American patient who tested positive for Covid-19.

A publication in The American Journal of Emergency Medicine reveals the case of a patient with the virus, who is also believed to have orchitis, a genitourinary disorder characterized by pain and inflammation in the testicles.

He is said to be a 37-year-old man with no medical history who reportedly presented to the hospital with testicular pain and tested positive for coronavirus. Doctors did not notice any infection of the testicles. However, based on previous research, experts believe that "spermatocyte function may be compromised after SARS-Cov-2 infection."

Fertility: a disease complication to watch out for?

For the five doctors, authors of this publication, these reproductive complications are probably linked to Covid-19, and should be subject to special monitoring by the medical profession in this context of virus circulation.

If scientists specify that the Covid-19 virus, to date, has not been detected in the urine of infected patients, the sperm of infected men could present an "alteration in the quality of spermatocytes, which could have an impact on thereafter on male fertility. "

"Identifying rare genitourinary effects can help emergency physicians identify this disease early and initiate appropriate treatment, quarantine, and fertility monitoring," said Rachel E. Bridwell and her team.

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