Covid-19: British laboratory AstraZeneca stops vaccine tests

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Decided after a bad reaction from a patient, the break affects one of the most advanced Western projects. Global trials have started in several countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States.

Donald Trump dreams of a Covid-19 vaccine that would save him the day before the US presidential election on November 3. The road promises to be delicate: the British laboratory AstraZeneca announced, on Tuesday, September 8, in the afternoon, the suspension of the phase 3 clinical trial on its vaccine, developed jointly with the University of Oxford, due to the negative reaction of one of UK patients.

"We have caused a pause in vaccination as part of our process to allow the review of safety data," an AstraZeneca spokesperson told the Financial Times. "This is a routine check that should occur whenever there is a potentially unexplained condition in any of the trials to ensure that the integrity of our trials is maintained. The data will be reviewed by an independent committee. The break affects a trial launched with 30,000 people in the United States at the end of August, with federal funding.

The announcement, which caused AstraZeneca shares to fall into unofficial trading after the Wall Street shutdown, comes as heads of nine pharmaceutical groups, including AstraZeneca, warned Donald Trump, without citing him, against a hasty authorization of a vaccine.

In their press release, they reaffirmed their "commitment to developing and testing potential Covid-19 vaccines with high ethical standards and sound scientific principles." The laboratories specify in particular that they will only request "an authorization for the emergency use of a vaccine after having demonstrated its safety and efficacy through a phase 3 clinical study".

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