COVID-19: Don't lose muscle mass in this pandemic with this simple tip

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In this global quarantine it is important not to neglect health within our homes as well. With time available, many are eating more than usual and moving less, so here are some tips to help you stay healthy and lose muscle mass.

It is not necessary to carry out intense or prolonged exercise to maintain our muscles and physical condition in this time of quarantine. Set easy goals to meet and if you want then you can increase the intensity and time.

Ideally you should take the opportunity of the daily chore incorporating exercises, so that this duality offers the opportunity for you to be constant. Simple, everyday activities can become a workout in no time.

Do weights while sitting in front of your computer or laptop. With a 1kg dumbbell or with a half-liter bottle filled with water or sand you can exercise your non-dominant arm, while using your mouse with the dominant hand with the other you can be doing weights. Use pauses while reading texts or emails to exercise both arms. You will find yourself inadvertently doing 2 things at once.

Raise one leg if you are sitting working. If you are sitting in front of your laptop working you can lift your legs alternating and continue typing. With this you will exercise your abdomen and the thighs of the leg. Invent series and pause according to your work.

Sit down and get up from a chair or sofa. The simple act of sitting in a chair and standing up requires you to squeeze your tummy, stabilize your hips, and contract your leg muscles. Getting in and out of a chair repeatedly can be great exercise. This movement mimics a squat, which is a fundamental bodyweight exercise often seen in more advanced gym workouts.

Go up and down the stairs. Climbing the stairs increases strength in the upper and lower legs. It is also a good exercise for the glutes (the muscles of the back). Your heart rate increases when climbing stairs, making you breathe heavier when climbing, making it an excellent cardiovascular workout. Climbing stairs can be difficult, but descending stairs requires balance and stability of the knee.

Do a sustained squat. If you are washing the breakfast or lunch dishes or brushing your teeth, try to do a permanent squat, squat a few inches to get into a half squat position and continue to brush your teeth or brush the dishes or others. You will see how at the second you start to feel the thighs and stomach tense, stay as long as you can and rest, doing repetitions.

Stand on your toes. Either in the same situations above or others stand on the toes in series, going up and down. This will help exercise your calves.

Many situations and household chores can become a quick workout. The key is to look for a duality in what you do to be more efficient with your time. If you are doing a video conference does not imply that you should be completely still right? You can move your legs, your feet, or even your arms. At the beginning it can be a challenge for your concentration but over time you will be able to do a whole exercise without realizing it.

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