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Covid-19: experts warn of ineffective hydroalcoholic gels

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Some merchants have seen the pandemic as an easy way to earn money by selling all kinds of protections against Covid-19, starting with hydroalcoholic masks, gloves, or gels.

However, not all products are good at fighting the virus. Worse still, some may even cause the opposite effect.

There are gels that would have an "insufficient ethanol" level to fulfill their antibacterial and antiviral functions. Therefore, it would have no use to remove traces of coronavirus from our hands.

These bottles contain only 27% ethanol instead of a concentration between 60 and 70%.

Alert on the use of gels in hot climates

Please note that the use of hydroalcoholic gel is closely monitored by health authorities in all countries. The first bulwark to fight the new coronavirus, however, presents risks during warm weather.

Added the cry of alarm from various dermatologists, broadcast by the newspaper El Mundo, about the use of hydroalcoholic gels in hot climates.

In fact, being composed of more than 70% alcohol, they would dry the skin much faster and could cause serious burns if exposed to the sun. If possible, it would be better to wash your hands with soap and water before going to the beach.

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