Covid-19: going crazy? This hotline invites you to scream on the phone to vent

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The year 2020 has been marked by quarantines, bans, curfews and tensions. Clearly stressful situations. What if yelling was the key to venting your frustration? The teacher and artist Chris Gollmar created a hotline, that is, a telephone line, so that all those who wish to release their stress can do so by yelling into the phone.

Are you anxious, upset, or tense due to this health crisis? Do you need to get it out? There is probably a solution: shout your anger, anxiety or rage over the phone. This is Chriss idea of therapy, which has a name: "screaming therapy", a method that came straight from Iceland.

Covid-19: How does this hotline work?

The principle of this project called "Just Scream" is simple: users dial the following number: + 1-561-567-8431 and find an answering machine. Then they wait for the "beep" and can yell all they want. After yelling, they hang up. "Do not worry, there is no one on the other end of the line," he says on the projects website. The voicemail is recorded and then broadcast 24 hours later on the site. It is possible to listen to all voice messages.

Icelands tourist office offers people to shout to get carried away

Chris Gollmar is not the only one to suggest that stressed people try this "screaming therapy." The Icelandic Tourist Board also invites people who want to scream to let go and release their frustrations. Users can vent on the Let It Out site.

"When you are ready, come and really express yourself. You will feel better, we promise. (...) Record your cry and we will transmit it in a beautiful and wide space," you can read on the platform. The recordings are shown in one of the seven most deserted places in Iceland.

What is "screaming therapy"?

According to therapist Zoë Aston, who accompanies the Icelandic project, "screaming therapy" was developed in the 1970s as a way to release repressed emotions. "What we do not realize is that the psychological response to the urge to scream activates a part of our brain called the" amygdala. "The amygdala is activated when we are under threat, which we have all experienced in recent months," he explains in the Let It Out site.

"Part of the beneficial effect of yelling comes from the ability to make noise, in a spacious, open, and quiet space. It literally allows the tonsils to release stored stress and move on." adds.

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