Covid-19: isolation soon reduced to seven days in France

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The opinion has not yet been made public, but the Scientific Council supports a reduction in the isolation period for people who test positive for Covid-19 and contact cases. Announced by the Minister of Health this morning in France inter, the information was confirmed by Pierre-Louis Druais, member of the Scientific Council.

"The French Scientific Council considers it possible to reduce isolation from 14 to 7 days in certain situations, without increasing the risks against Covid19," Olivier Véran announced on the France Inter microphone on Tuesday, September 8. The minister said the measure will be discussed in a Defense Council on Friday. Pierre-Louis Druais, member of the Scientific Council, confirms the ministers comments, while the opinion of the Scientific Council has not yet been made public.

Why reduce the duration of the quarantine?

"Test, trace, isolate." Isolation is a central axis of health policy to combat the Covid-19 epidemic. The government insists on this: you must isolate yourself before the slightest symptom, in case of doubt after a risk situation (friendly or family encounter, etc.) and also when you have been identified as a case of contact by the ARS teams (regional agencies health) and health insurance.

The fourteen-day period defined for isolation corresponds to the period during which the person is potentially contagious. This change in strategy, although all the indicators show an increasingly active circulation of the virus in French territory, may therefore be surprising.

"We must take into account the principle of reality", justifies the minister: a large number of French do not respect this fourteen. Reducing its duration, he hopes, will make it more respected and generate "better adherence."

Although the duration of the contagion is not definitively clear, the latest studies confirm that the five days after the onset of symptoms or a positive test is the period of greatest risk of contagion. "So this contagion decreases in a very significant way. Beyond a week it remains but it is very weak," said Olivier Véran.

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