COVID-19: Just started a new world

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Currently most of the countries of the world are actively fighting against the consequences of the pandemic and the question is if everything will return to normal someday and when.

World leaders, diplomats and geopolitical analysts know that they are living in a new era and that they have one eye on daily combat and the other on what this crisis will bequeath to the world. Competing ideologies, power blocs, leaders and social cohesion systems are undergoing stress tests in the court of world opinion.

Everyone is already starting to learn lessons. In France, President Macron says "This period has taught us a lot. Many certainties and convictions will be removed. Many of the things we thought were impossible are happening. The day after we win, it will not be a return to the previous days, we will be morally stronger. We will draw the consequences, all the consequences". The President promised to initiate a greater investment in health.

In Italy, the former Foreign Minister of the Social Democratic Party, Sigmar Gabriel, indicates that the following generations will be less naive about globalization. In Italy, former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has called for the formation of a commission to face the future. In Hong Kong, graffiti such as; "There is no return to normal because normality was the problem in the first place." Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon's secretary of state, says rulers must prepare to transition to a new post-coronavirus world order.

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said: "The relationship between the great powers has never been so dysfunctional. COVID-19 is dramatically proving that we will either unite or be defeated".

In the world the discussion has expanded. Public life may be stagnant, but public debate has accelerated. Everything is up for debate: the trade-offs between a shattered economy and public health, the relative strengths of centralized or regionalized health systems, the exposed weaknesses of globalization, populism, the inherent advantage of authoritarianism.

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