Covid-19: practicing sports would increase the effectiveness of vaccination

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At this point in the Covid-19 epidemic, it is important to strengthen your immune system. According to a recent study, the practice of regular physical activity would not only increase natural defenses but also make vaccines more effective.

We know that sport has many benefits. Exercise can prevent or control conditions such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes, as reported by the World Health Organization (WHO). Clearly, physical activity is a great way to protect yourself against chronic conditions. Sport could also be instrumental in the fight against Covid-19. In work published in the journal Sports Medicine on April 20, researchers found that playing sports would strengthen your immune system and increase the effectiveness of the vaccine.

Playing sports could reduce the risk of contracting an infectious disease by 37%

As part of this research, the scientists examined the link between regular physical activity and the risk of contracting an infectious disease in the population, the immunological parameters evaluated in the laboratory, and the immune response to vaccination.

For the purposes of the paper, the authors searched seven databases for "randomized" clinical trials. "Observational studies were included if they compared groups of adults with different levels of physical activity and reported immune system cell count, antibody level, risk of clinically diagnosed infections, risk of hospitalization, and death from infectious disease," the researchers said.

According to the study results, "a high level of physical activity" is associated with a 31% reduction in the risk of developing an infectious disease and a 37% reduction in the risk of death from these conditions.

Exercise is also believed to increase the number of CD4 T lymphocytes, that is, the cells of the immune system, and the concentration of IgA immunoglobulins. The scientists also found that "the antibody concentration after vaccination is higher" thanks to physical activity. In short, exercising would increase the effectiveness of vaccines.

The practice of physical activity would reduce the risk of developing a severe form of Covid-19

These results are in addition to those of another study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine on April 13. This work revealed that physical inactivity was associated with a high risk of developing a severe form of Covid-19. To conduct their research, the scientists conducted this study on 48,440 coronavirus-infected patients from January 1 to October 21, 2020.

They compared the rates of hospitalization, ICU admissions and mortality of people with the disease who were constantly inactive, "played sports," or met physical activity guidelines.

The researchers found that people affected by Covid-19 who were constantly inactive were more likely to be hospitalized, admitted to intensive care, and die from the condition than patients who engaged in regular physical activity.

"Adherence to physical activity recommendations was strongly associated with a reduced risk of serious Covid-19-related outcomes in infected adults. We recommend that public health agencies prioritize the promotion of physical activity and that it be integrated into medical care. routine, "the study authors concluded.

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