Covid-19: pulmonologists' warning to cured, even mildly affected, patients

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Pulmonologists call on patients who have recovered from Covid-19 and who suffer from persistent cough or shortness of breath to have lung tests done. And for good reason: These sequelae can be a sign of lung damage.

We know it: the Covid-19 can leave consequences. In a ruling issued on July 15, the French National Academy of Medicine also listed the possible consequences of the disease, including the heart, kidney, central nervous system and even respiratory damage. The last category refers more specifically to pulmonary fibrosis, injuries that are "the frequent consequence of respiratory distress observed in the acute phase of the disease," he specified.

Pulmonologists are warning of this sequel to Covid-19, which can occur in cured patients, even those who have been affected by a mild form of the disease.

Covid-19 and pulmonary sequelae: the need for rapid treatment

Do the after effects suggest a possible lung problem? "Shortness of breath a few weeks or months after infection, or continuing to cough, or even seeing abnormalities when you are going to blow into a machine to measure your breath," explains Chantal Hérisson, president of the French-speaking pulmonology society.

These sometimes mild manifestations should encourage consultation. And for good reason: they can "be a sign of a chronic form of lung damage," says the specialist. Quick treatment is essential, because when treated early, lung damage is not inevitable.

They also recommend the resumption of sports activity as soon as possible in cured Covid-19 patients. It is advisable to pay particular attention to the functional quality of the heart, brain, muscles and lungs and to monitor the evolution of these long-term sequelae.

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