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Covid-19: some blood groups are more affected

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Not all blood groups are the same when faced with the coronavirus. We explain it to you.

It is established: some populations are at higher risk than others. More surprisingly, it seems that some blood groups are affected more than others. In fact, several studies have been published on the subject. For Dr. Jacques Le Pendu, immunologist and director of research at the National Institute of Health and Medical Research, "if the causal link has not yet been proven, all these studies converge in their results on the fact that Blood groups O have less risk than the others, "he told Marianne in June.

Coronavirus: blood group A, most vulnerable

Several studies have been carried out, by Chinese scientists in March and then American scientists in early July, in an attempt to establish a link between blood group and sensitivity to Covid-19.

The researchers analyzed the health data of patients who tested positive for the virus or were hospitalized. Among them, almost 40% had blood group A, a much higher proportion than for other blood groups. The "O" seemed to be safer.

This research, of course, requires further development and in no case should it make people forget protective actions, even if you belong to group O. Given the resumption of the epidemic, it is essential to wear a mask as soon as you leave home , wash your hands frequently with soap or hydroalcoholic gel, cough into your elbow, use a tissue to blow your nose and use non-contact technology, either to pay for the purchase or to greet friends.

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