Covid-19 test ready to do at home

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In the United States, a company is going to market a self-test with immediate results. It is no longer necessary to go through analytical laboratories.

A Covid test to perform at home and that gives you the result instantly, ideal right? No more hours spent on the phone to get an appointment, no more waiting for results, as long as they are out of date even before we get them.

In the United States, a laboratory has just developed a detection kit to do it yourself, at home and without outside help. Guaranteed result in 30 minutes.

The Food and Drug Administration has just authorized the Lucira Health laboratory to market this test that everyone, from the age of 14, can perform alone without risk, but not without inconvenience, the maneuver always consists of plunging something deep into the nose. It is no longer a giant cotton swab, but a small, easy-to-use device, says the lab.

Other home tests were already available, but they had to be sent to the lab for the results, severely limiting interest.

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