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Covid-19: the tragedy continues in Brazil

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The health crisis continues to worsen in Brazil, where the spread of the coronavirus continues to intensify. On Thursday, the number of deaths increased by an additional 1,473 deaths, the highest number recorded in the country since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, which increases the number of deaths to more than 34,000. Brazil is now the third most heartbroken country in the world (34,021 victims identified on Thursday), ahead of Italy (33,774, +85) and France (29,111, +46).

In Latin America, the new epicenter of the pandemic, the situation is alarming. The disease continues to spread throughout the continent, putting pressure on health systems, especially in Peru. The country faces serious problems of oxygen shortages necessary to keep patients alive: 5,000 victims were counted in the country, the health ministry said Thursday. More than 34,000 people died of coronavirus in Brazil, with a new daily death record recorded on Thursday (1,473), according to the Ministry of Health. Furthermore, according to specialists, official figures are largely undervalued.

The spread of the virus in the Rio de Janeiro country is even more difficult to stop as President Jair Bolsonaro, who is reluctant to certain restrictive measures to save the economy, opposes the decisions of certain state governors, worried about the situation. "If we don't act, we risk seeing an explosion in demand for intensive care beds and we won't be able to respond to them," Rui Costa, the governor of Bahia state, warned earlier this week. . The situation in Rio de Janeiro, where bars, restaurants, and churches have reopened, with just 4.4% of intensive care beds still available in city hospitals, more than ever under stress and soon to be overwhelmed.

Other countries have been causing concern for several days. The death toll in Mexico now exceeds 11,000 deaths attributed to the new coronavirus. In Nicaragua, the only country in the region that has not implemented restrictive measures, the International Federation for Human Rights questions the official report of the Ministry of Health (46 deaths), based in particular on figures from the NGO Citizen Observatory, which identified "980 deaths from pneumonia or suspected cases of Covid-19 ".

Therefore, Brazil is now the third country most afflicted in the world by the coronavirus epidemic. He recorded a tragic new record Thursday with 1,473 deaths in 24 hours, his new daily record. The country has registered almost 615,000 cases and 34,021 deaths in total. More than this already impressive total (and that would be largely underestimated according to the scientific community), it is the management of the crisis by President Jair Bolsonaro that makes fear the worst. The latter continues to regularly call for the lifting of restrictions in order to preserve the economy and employment, to the detriment of the health of the population, especially in the working-class areas of large cities. However, a curfew has been established in several cities in the state of Bahia, at the initiative of its governor Rui Costa, who said yesterday: "If we do not act, we risk attending an explosion in the demand for care beds intensive and we will not be able to satisfy them."

If the Brazilian president withholds support from the population (military, evangelical churches ...), the protests and other anti-Bolsonaro initiatives are multiplying in the country, such as the manifesto signed by several sports stars. Brazilian (Juninho, Rai ...) and pointing to "authoritarianism and attacks on institutions, freedom of the press or the environment that in a context of pandemic mainly affects black and poor populations."

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