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Covid-19: United States in "critical" phase, EU plans to ban Americans from entering

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While 32,000 new cases have been diagnosed in the past 24 hours, the European Union cannot reopen its borders to the Americans.

US health officials were concerned Tuesday about an "alarming" increase in the country's Covid-19 epidemic. "The next two weeks will be critical" in responding to these "troubling" waves, Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief immunologist at the White House, told a House committee of representatives.

Contrary to what Donald Trump implied when referring to increases related to the number of tests, the immunologist emphasized that this increase was mainly due to "contagion" among the inhabitants. "And that's something that really worries me," he said, since more than 32,000 cases have been diagnosed in the past 24 hours.

Texas, which quickly began decontaminating in early May, notably recorded 5,000 new infections on Tuesday, a record since the start of the pandemic, forcing its Republican Governor, Greg Abbott, to call his fellow citizens to stay home.

"A blow to the image of Americans in the world"

It is in this context that the New York Times revealed on Tuesday that the European Union, which reopens its external borders on July 1, plans to ban its territory from the Americans.

The newspaper cited two lists of countries whose nationals could travel to Europe, although this point is still under discussion among EU countries. And for now, given the health situation in the Atlantic, Americans would be excluded from these two lists. "A blow to the image of Americans around the world and a rejection of the way President Trump has handled the virus in the United States," said the New York Times.

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