Covid-19: UV-LED bulbs to eliminate the virus?

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Researchers at Tel Aviv University have found that the coronavirus could be quickly eliminated using ultraviolet light-emitting diodes (UV-LEDs).

This is a new discovery that could make a difference in the fight against Covid-19. In Israel, researchers at Tel Aviv University have found that the new coronavirus could be eliminated quickly and efficiently using ultraviolet light-emitting diodes.

This is the first study in the world on the effectiveness of disinfecting a coronavirus using UV-LED irradiation at different wavelengths or frequencies. In this study, the researchers tested the optimal wavelength to kill the coronavirus. They found that a length of 285 nanometers was almost as effective in disinfecting the virus as a wavelength of 265 nanometers, requiring less than half a minute to destroy more than 99.9% of the virus. An important discovery because 285nm LED bulbs are much cheaper and more available than 265nm bulbs.

Disinfect large areas

"The whole world is now looking for effective solutions to disinfect the coronavirus. The problem is that to disinfect a bus, train, gym or plane with chemical spray, physical labor is needed, and for the spray to be effective, it must be given time for the chemist to act on the surface, "sums up the project manager, Professor Hadas Mamane, who heads the environmental engineering program at Tel Aviv University.

This new technology should be available for future use. "We know, for example, that medical personnel do not have time to manually disinfect, for example, computer keyboards and other surfaces in hospitals, and the result is infection and quarantine. However, disinfection systems based on LED bulbs can be install in the ventilation system and the air conditioner, for example, and sterilize the air aspirated and then released into the room ", adds the scientist.

Professor Mamane assures that the virus dies when exposed to LED bulbs that are cheaper and easier to get. They are also more energy efficient and contain no mercury. Ultimately, this work suggests that this technology could be installed in air conditioning and water systems to eliminate the virus. A solution to effectively disinfect large surfaces and large spaces. The researchers specify that this disinfection method should not be used in private homes due to the danger it can represent.

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